Unlike many wedding photographers, I am often considered by wedding guests as an enthusiastic friend of the couple, rather than an official photographer. This is my aim, for it then offers me more access and a greater ability to capture the atmosphere of your day without inadvertently influencing what is happening.


Below I’ve broken down my style to help people get an understanding of what to expect from me as your Surrey wedding photographer. If you are left with any questions then feel free to say bonjour via my contact page!


The focus of my style has always been about capturing those special moments as and when they happen naturally, without direction or influence. Weddings are filled with a wide range of emotions , be it excitement, nerves, relief, elation and some times sadness it’s all there and those interactions throughout the day provide an endless amount of moments to tell your story. Not just the big moments which one would expect, but also the little unseen moments, the moments that go unnoticed by nearly all , but at times can be the most powerful. One of the main reasons for capturing these moments in a timeless photo, is that when you look back in years to come, they refresh your memories of your special day and you are reminded of exactly how it felt to be there. 



I only offer a full coverage package because I want to capture the whole of your story. A story has a beginning, a middle and an end. I don't want to just capture the big event in the middle but everything else either side. Weddings are about the people and the stories of these people and their loved ones. This is why I always spend time with both partners before the ceremony and stay until after the first dance to capture all the party and the stories that follow.




Every photographer loves to get creative, be it lying with my back on the floor and shooting from a different angle or using reflections, blurring images and trying something new. Creativity can also be used to focus the attention of someone looking at your story to grab their attention like the proud look on a father's face when he first sees his daughter in her wedding dress.


As mentioned earlier, on the day I’m often seen as one of the guests rather than a wedding photographer apart from when it comes to the official family portraits. By being seen as one of the guests it makes people feel more relaxed around me, allowing me to tap into the electricity and atmosphere of your special day. This is accomplished by dressing like a guest, mixing in and chatting with guests, eating with the guests, dancing around on the dance floor even with my camera dangling around my neck. I find this approach allows me to capture the level of moments and excitement you see on my website.




From the offset, I want the experience you have of dealing with me from that first initial contact through to delivery of your images to be special. I want you to look back and have no regrets over your decision to hire me and have a positive impact on your wedding experience.


The best thing about a wedding day is friends & family. It is one of the few times in our life where you get all your favourite people in the world together in one spot, all celebrating that special occasion. It is on capturing the true characters of you and your friends and family people that I shall focus my time whilst shooting your special day.




Let's not forget your wedding day is all about YOU!  Let's take a few portraits on your wedding day, this is time for you to enjoy a moment together away from the craziness of the big day and for us to get some great images of just the two of you. Usually I like to let couples do their own thing with little direction to get a more natural feel. With your guests and wedding breakfast waiting, these sessions usually last between 15 and 30 minutes.


You may have noticed that there are very few family group photos on my website and wonder if I have photographed all these weddings! The answer is ‘yes I do’. I’ve photographed group formals at every wedding to date and I’d be happy to show you some examples of these in full galleries when we meet. While I have to admit this isn’t my favourite part of the day, I do see the value in it. Group formals aren’t sexy. They never look great as someone is always out of place, but they do act as a record of the people most important to you and the fact they shared your special day with you.  I work with you ahead of the wedding to find out what formals you would like. I recommend no more than 10 Formal groups preferably less. Usually we get through these in 15 to 30 minutes on the day.




Every wedding has details, I may not show details elsewhere on my website but I shoot them at every wedding I attend, be it from the lego mini figure buttonhole on a groom to the detail of a bride's shoes, or the signpost showing the way to festivities. If you’ve taken the time to make something for your wedding then it’s important to you. If it’s important to you then I’m going to capture it. The details you choose for your wedding say a lot about your character and should be captured.



Yes, weddings are fun, lots of fun - plain and simple! That's why my job is the best in the world, I get to share in the love and fun.