What to Wear on a Family Photo Shoot
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Monday, August 01
By MrShutterbug Photography
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I often get asked before a family photo shoot what a family should wear. In fact its probably the most asked question I get from clients who book a family photo shoot. 

In light of this i have decided to make the definitive guide ..........here is MrShutterbug's guide to " What to wear for a family photo shoot!!"


Start With Colour

The easiest place to start wardrobe planning is with your colour palette. Think coordinated, not “matched”. Begin by choosing a mix of complimentary neutral colours, punctuated with pops of a brighter accent colour on individual clothing items and accessories. Or go for a range of shades within your chosen palette individually for each member of your family. Your goal is to create a pulled together, coordinated look that’s natural without being overly “matchy” or “uniformed”.

Create Interest With Layers & Accessories

Using layers and accessories is a great way to add visual interest and create different “looks” for each family member during your session. Simply adding or removing items like sweaters, vests, or jackets can give you a quick “wardrobe change” between shots.

Carefully chosen accessories like scarves, statement jewellery, or a favourite hat are fun touches of personal style and personality, and they’re great techniques to make individual family members the “star” of a particular group of poses.

Timeless, Not Trendy

While the latest fashion trends can be great for your day- to-day look, taking a more classic approach to your wardrobe choices is always best for portraits. Choosing your timeless favourites — pieces that rarely go out of style — will ensure your family portraits don’t have a dated look next season.

Your Home Plays A Role

You should also consider where your portraits are going to be displayed in your home. For larger canvases or framed prints, perhaps intended as the focal point of a family room or dining room, consider your wall colours and the overall décor and style in those rooms as you plan your wardrobe choices.


What to wear Tips

• Haircuts and styling are best scheduled two to three weeks before your shoot to allow hair to grow out for a more comfortable, true-to-you look.

• Try to avoid bold, graphic logos or sports team graphics on apparel. They can be distracting in an image.

• Be sure your shoes fit the look of your wardrobe. White tennis shoes can be too bright and usually aren’t the best choice.

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