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Tuesday, August 02
By MrShutterbug Photography
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The infographic below was designed by the lovely people over at your perfect wedding photographer and details the additional work load every wedding photographer has over and above just turning up and shooting your wedding, which many clients may not be aware of.

Big Shout out to for that infographic.


Once the photos are taken the work doesn’t stop there. A photographer will take hundreds if not thousands of photos on your special day (I have been known to take up to 3500), these all need to be uploaded, backed up for disaster recovery then be sorted through to cut the number down, then they need editing to ensure they look the best they can. As you can see in the photography infographic above, most photographers including myself will spend between 8-12 hours editing your photos. That's a big investment in time. So once your wedding is over some photographers maybe spending more time editing then how long they actually spend at your wedding taking photos. Even before the day itself your photographer may go and visit your venue to hunt out the best spots for those romantic photos and beautiful couple shots, they will spend time the evening before ensuring all their kit is ready to go, charged, back up batteries, memory cards, there is more to is then a single camera.


Taking photos is easy we all do it, BUT taking beautiful photos that tell the story of your day is the tricky part, it isn’t easy, but it is easier when you have years of experience which helps you know how to capture those once in a lifetime moments and create that beautiful story that enables you to look back on the happiest day for the rest of your life with.


If anything I hope this makes you think twice before hiring your photographer. Don’t be left regretting your wedding photos and realising that what you really wanted was a picture story of your day told through beautiful photos.


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