Victoria and Alex
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Tuesday, June 20
By MrShutterbug Photography
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Every time I photograph another wedding I take a moment to count how lucky I am to be a wedding photographer in Surrey, with such wonderful opportunities to do what I love. What I love, is photographing people in love. I get to be a part of lots of different love stories. My camera and I get to turn to the details that make up the story, always on the lookout for those moments that reveal real emotion. I’m twice as lucky that I get great clients, like Victoria and Alex.


Victoria and Alex chose Pembroke Lodge for their venue. Pembroke Lodge is a Georgian Mansion located in Richmond Park, Surrey. Beautiful landscaping and great views of the Thames Valley make this a standout venue.


Spending time with the bride and groom as they prepare is always a great opportunity, photographically. Victoria was pampered as makeup was applied and hair was done. Her ladies provided an opportunity for support, laughter, and hugs.


I took a moment to get Victoria away from her retinue for some window lit portraits. Victoria presented a fantastic bride from the phenomenal hair to the gorgeous dress. Knowing how to capitalize on the lighting available can make wedding photography an unquestionable success or complete failure. Photos like these of Victoria are definitely a success in my book when they show how beautiful the bride is!


Taking time with Alex was equally rewarding. There is a real sense of camaraderie between Alex and his groomsmen. Their genuine affection for him comes through in these photographs. Alex was definitely ready for what the day had in store and welcomed it.


As usual, a moment to capture the details like the cake and place settings is a must. Alex and Victoria let their personalities come through here and it was great. They understood that this was their love story, and the next chapter started here.


As a wedding photographer, I am always looking for those once-in-a-lifetime shots that can sum up the day. One of those photos with Alex and Victoria for me is the way Victoria lights up as she comes down the aisle to meet Alex. Just a fantastic expression of what the day is all about.


After the ceremony, I took the newlyweds out onto the ground of Pembroke Lodge. It was a moment for them to relax and enjoy each other’s company while I set about capturing the intimacy of their relationship, and all the emotion of the day. There were fantastic features to photograph against; great columns, a nice bench to relax on, immaculately kept grounds and great views.


Another successful love story for a deserving couple, and another successful Surrey wedding for this photographer. I do sincerely hope that if you find yourself in need of having your amazing love story told in a way that is genuine you’ll drop me line here in Surrey. I’m looking forward to capturing your romance story.