Top 5 Tips to get the best from your Wedding Photography in Surrey
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Friday, March 04
By MrShutterbug
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Hi I'm Jonathan @ MrShutterbug Photography. I am a Surrey wedding photographer who specialises in capturing and telling the story of a couple's big day.


With the Surrey Wedding season rapidly approaching and my weekends becoming busier and busier I thought it would be helpful to share my top 5 tips to help get the best from your wedding photographer on your special day here in Surrey.

1.Contact and meet your photographer.

Well we can't do anything if you haven't contacted me can we ??!!?

Most Couples I meet nowadays are looking for the reportage, documentary wedding photography. They don’t want Mr BOSSY boots ordering everyone around and generally making everyone's lives at the wedding a misery. They want a photographer who can literally blend into the background and take shots that people don’t even know are happening. The photographer is there to be discreet only to be noticed when organising formals and then disappearing into the background creating unopposed natural documentary style images.

Most pre wedding consultations either happen at the reception venue or the pub. It’s easy to meet, break the ice and get to know each other, discuss your special day in detail and discuss what is important to you and the style of photography you are after. Generally meets last about an hour by which time we have covered your big day in some detail and the ins and outs of what you are specifically looking for in a photographer. If by the end of this you decide my photographs and portfolio are awful and you simply couldn't get along with me and could think of nothing worse than to have me photograph your wedding day then you are actually no worse off!!

2. Introduce your photographer to your family and friends.

Before your big day send me a list of your family and a recent photo of each member or closest friends. This way I don't turn up blind and will already know who the main players are on your wedding day.It makes it easier for me to slot seamlessly in when I arrive on the day to photograph the brides preperations and bestmen and ushers looking after the nervous groom. Introduce me, it makes photographing so much easier and everyone is more relaxed around the camera which is exactly what we are looking for.

As I say to many Bride and Grooms, if there is someone who has travelled from overseas or who is extremely important to you then please do introduce me to them so that I know I need to get a few shots of this special person. It is not always possible to shoot every single guest at a wedding and if I miss that special someone out you’ll be disappointed.

3. Confetti time.

Leaving the church and getting the confetti shot is a must for most couples, but here are a few tips to ensure we get a great shot.  Get the ushers to tell guest to form a tunnel as soon as guests start to leave the church. Once the tunnel is made the ushers can distribute the confetti accordingly to each guest. Now it's time for you to walk through the tunnel and confetti pandemonium to break lose!!!!

4. Formal Photographs.

For many this is the most stressful and boring part of the day, BUT it really does not need to be. This is usually where a good photographer defines their worth and is able to capture all those formals in an allotted time frame before the main reception or wedding breakfast kicks off.

Pre Wedding I always ask for a list of the groups to be photographed and in what order. Keep it simple and up to a maximum of 8 groups. ( I aim for 5 minutes per group occasionally, well nearly always this is held up by that one person who has disappeared for a crafty cigarette or drink at the bar!!!)

Make 5 copies of your list. Give one to me, one to your Matron of Honour, One to the Best Man and the rest to your Ushers. get them to round up the relevant guests so that whilst i'm photographing one group the next is ready and waiting. Get the Ushers to Usher hence their name :)

I advise most couples to do the formals during the reception and before the wedding breakfast. I always photograph the formals away from the reception so that guests are not in the background.

Apart from formal formals think of a few fun shots to have with your bridesmaids and ushers.

Remember I will have already scouted out a location for formals and agreed upon the location with you. By following this guide formals should be done inside 30 minutes meaning guests don’t get bored and brides don’t get stressed.

5. 30- 45 Minutes for romantic portraiture.

Depending on the venue and timescales I always say to couples plan to be away from your guests for 30-45 minutes. This is definitely a time for the both of you to relax, The ceremony is over, its official your Man and Wife. I usually say let’s bring a bottle of champagne and 2 glasses for the both of you and try to just take a moment to enjoy what's just happened. I will leave you to chat, drink and have fun whilst photographing from a distance making the portraiture session more intimate and relaxed.

We usually have pre determined backdrops we have discussed so I can just take some relaxed natural shots whilst you enjoy the moment! Try and time your portraiture to be 40-30 minutes before sunset when light is at its best, if not don't worry and we usually have pre determined backgrounds we have discussed so I can just take some relaxed natural shots whilst you enjoy the moment!

Thanks for reading, I’m MrShutterbug a Surrey Wedding Photographer.


Reportage Led, Award-winning Surrey Wedding Photography

I really enjoy documenting weddings and working with couples across Surrey and Berkshire to create a beautiful, natural wedding story they love. My approach is all about having fun and blending in with your guests as if i was not there! It’s all about relaxing and enjoying yourself it will show in your final photos too :)

If you would like to know more about MrShutterbug Surrey wedding photography or chat please don’t hesitate to say hello. I’d love to know more about your wedding plans!