Meet Danny and Jackie: Spring is for Lovers in Wisley Common, Surrey
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Friday, April 07
By MrShutterbug Photography
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They say spring is for lovers. I am not one to argue the point when looks to hold true. Danny and Jackie, who I had the pleasure and honor of photographing on a warm spring day, would probably agree. I’m happy to share this session today because springtime for a photographer in Surrey is a great time of year, and this was a great couple to photograph. The images we produced couldn’t have been made without the fantastic combination of great scenery and the sincerity of Danny and Jackie’s relationship.


Wisley Common, Surrey was the setting and Jackie, Danny, and I set out on the 1st of April to make a little magic. Choosing this location had special significance because Jackie had grown up in the area. Her grandmother lives there still. Wisley Common is a place she knows intimately. Being able to share it with Danny during their session just added another great touch. There was really no other choice for their engagement photography session. It was great to see her in a place she loved with the man she was choosing to spend her life with.


Danny and Jackie’s images can speak for themselves about the depth of what is shared between them. You need not look any further to know this is something special.As a location, Wisley Common provided some wonderful opportunities for telling the story of Danny and Jackie. I was able to capture images that used the beauty surrounding us as an almost fairy tale-like backdrop to what Danny and Jackie have. For their part they could just be themselves. It’s great when a couple have such wonderful chemistry as Danny and Jackie do.


The images shows just one of the great opportunities to focus on the couple in relation to the magical atmosphere of Wisley Common around them.It didn’t take long for me to realize why Jackie loved this place. I found myself faced with a lot of great opportunities to make this wonderful couple’s sincerity shine.


Danny and Jackie were excellent. As a photographer my job isn’t just about documentation. I have to portray the narrative of two people who have trusted me to do right by their personal love story. My goal is for anyone who sees these images to know this is something that’s meant to be. I have no doubt that Danny and Jackie are meant to be.


This was a great start to April and I’m looking forward to May when I’ll have the honor of capturing Danny and Jackie’s wedding here. I have no reservations about the success of not only that wedding ceremony session but the story of Jackie and Danny. I could do my job almost anywhere in the world, but not with the benefits I find as a wedding and engagement photographer in Surrey, with some of the greatest people in the world.

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