Laura and Mo – An Intimate Affair
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Monday, June 12
By MrShutterbug Photography
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Laura and Mo – An Intimate Affair


Every wedding carries with it the weight of two hearts joined and the promise of love fulfilled. I love being a wedding photographer in Surrey because I get to help tell so many love stories, and each one is a deeply romantic and genuinely emotional event. Capturing intimate ceremonies, like I was honored to do for Laura and Mo, can be an affecting experience.


Laura and Mo’s ceremony took place at the Weybridge Registry Office. Attended by their family and intimates this was a nice ceremony with a lot of real feeling. For wedding photography, an expression can speak volumes. There is a great love story writ on the faces of Laura and Mo in these photographs. No one can look at the expression of happiness, of sheer satisfaction, on Mo’s face at the sight of his bride and not know that this is a man in love. There is not a measure less adoration on Laura’s part. These are definitely two people who know they are in a love story.


There was a great opportunity to spend some time with the couple and their families after the ceremony. Taking advantage of the surroundings, I was able to place the group’s shots against some fine greenery. Definitely a great-looking group of people.


Getting the couple to myself I took further advantage of the natural setting which I think complimented the couple. Laura has a fantastic elven or fairie look in her dress against the trees and lake. It was all about the looks these two gave each other. Sometimes it can be difficult for grooms to feel comfortable during these moments, but Mo and Laura are a man and a woman happy with their lot and it really comes through in the looks Mo keeps turning toward Laura, and the looks that she answers back with.


The interaction was really nice with these two; they lean into each other with an ease that is so sincere and so real. I’m very glad I was able to be a part of their day. Another great couple, and another great photo session. Providing memories like these that are intimate, sincere, and just so very real make me very proud as a wedding photographer in Surrey. 

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