How Easy Is It To Find a Wedding Photographer in Surrey?
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Tuesday, August 14
By MrShutterbug Photography
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Importance of a wedding checklist

Are you excited for your upcoming wedding in Surrey? Do you have everything organised for your big day? Well, there are plenty of things to prepare for or even worry about when it comes to your wedding. A wedding is not a regular birthday party that you host for your family and friends. It is something bigger, grander and of course more significant. A lot of preparation is required to ensure that everything turns out as well as expected and much much more. When planning a wedding, a couple must have a checklist wherein the most important details are listed. The list must include the necessary wedding vendors like florists and bakers, or professionals to hire as well as the wedding venue, wedding dress, grooms attire and bridal entourage among many others.


The need to hire a professional wedding photographer

One of the most important wedding professionals that you need to hire is a wedding photographer.  You cannot just hire a relative or friend who owns a nice DSLR and hope that they produce great photographs. You need someone who has a background in photography or who underwent formal photography training preferably wedding photography training. Being a great wedding photographer necessitates technical knowledge and years of experience. To be an efficient photographer, one needs to have an understanding on how to use the camera, what angles to shoot from, how to make use of the light or lack of it, how to shoot in the great British weather etc. A photographer even needs to master the post-production of photos so the wedding photos will look more realistic and eye-catching when delivered in both print and digital format.


Benefits of professional wedding photos

As the age old saying goes, “a picture says a thousand words!” and the same can be said about your wedding photographs that your hired wedding photographer will produce, those wonderful memories of your wedding get captured, reflected and kept. You are able to view your awesome photos anytime you want even after many years online or in print format. You can reminisce the happiness, the emotions, the dramatic, intensifying and fun moments that happened throughout your wedding – from the preparations to the wedding party at your chosen reception venue.

Imaging how amazing it would be if your great grandchildren get to view your wedding through these story-telling -photos (documentary reportage). A professional wedding photographer can deliver high quality images that altogether can create a wonderful story of your special wedding day. It is something definitely worth keeping and sharing for the generations to come.



Steps in choosing a wedding photographer in Surrey

Now if you are getting married in Surrey, finding a wedding photographer can be quite a daunting experience. A lot of photographers will surely offer their services and this might confuse and befuddle you at the start. But then, there are simple ways to make your search easier, faster and far more effective.

Start first by asking for recommendations from your friends who live or who are familiar with Surrey. Ask people who have attended a wedding there or who recently got married in Surrey. List their names and contact information so you can do a background check.

Next, visit wedding photography sites of photographers based in Surrey. View their online photo galleries and read their “About Me” page so you get to know them. If you’ve found someone who appears credible and trustworthy then list his/her contact information and add him/her to your list of wedding photographers. Are they recommended by your venue or have they shot there before?

Begin conducting interviews so you and your partner can get to know the photographers on a more personal level. Before the interview, list the important questions to ask. The question must be related to his/her photography experience, familiarity of the wedding venue in Surrey as well and the delivery of the photos. It is crucial for you to choose a photographer who is willing to have everything written in a formal, binding contract. This is to ensure that both parties agree on the conditions and contract of hire.



Shortlist before choosing the final one

After the series of interviews, shortlist at least 1 to 3 photographers, then go over their profiles again, sample photos and their personalities. You need someone you  can get along with, this is usualyy a once in a lifetime event and a very special one to say the least. He/she must also be a people person so he/she can blend well with the guests but of course still with limits. If you can get in touch with one or two of his previous clients, or see reviews of his work from previous clients. Do they have a facebook page with client comments



Create a must-have wedding list

If you want an assurance that the wedding moments you want will be captured in photos, then it is best to talk to your wedding photographer about it. You can either tell the wedding photographer Surrey the shots you want him to take so he can list it down. Or you yourself can prepare the wedding shot list and give it to your chosen wedding photographer. Some may have a questionnaire for you to fill out to capture your imagination of what you are looking for at your Surrey Wedding. Remember to confirm the number of photographers as well as the start and end times so you have nothing to worry about during your wedding. You and your future spouse won’t get stressed out and you will just have a fabulous, happy time on your special day. The happiness you feel will surely be reflected in your wedding photos.

I hope this article answered most couples’ question on how easy or difficult is it to find a wedding photographer Surrey.

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I really enjoy documenting weddings and working with couples across Surrey and Berkshire to create a beautiful, natural wedding story they love. My approach is all about having fun and blending in with your guests as if i was not there! It’s all about relaxing and enjoying yourself it will show in your final photos too :)

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