Hi I'm Jonathan @ MrShutterbug Photography. I am a Surrey wedding photographer who specialises in capturing and telling the story of a couple's big day. Thank you for considering me as your wedding photographer. Choosing a wedding photographer can be very overwhelming. After all, these photos will stand the test of time, and that is a hefty weight to bare.


Because these memories are very important, MrShutterbug takes great care in capturing and preserving every moment on your special day.


MrShutterbug likes the atmosphere and emotion to shine through with each and every image he takes. A wedding day goes by so quickly but the memories will live on in the photographs.


M Y  H I S T O R Y

My interest in photography was reignited on my 31st birthday in 2008. Since then, I have been inspired by the technical and creative possibilities that photography offers. The love of capturing the best bits of the human experience led me to becoming a wedding photographer. Nowhere else are you given free licence to capture such a powerful range of human engagement and emotion than a wedding.


M Y  S T Y L E

I have always loved capturing true, honest moments from behind the camera, and there is no single event that best encapsulates all the emotions we can go through in our lives as that of a wedding.


Be it excitement, nerves, relief, elation and some times sadness it’s all there, and it’s about letting you relax and enjoy the day you’ve spent all those hours planning. As a photographer, I will naturally take the custom wedding shots that one would expect. I  do not pose or try to manufacture any shots, instead I look for those natural moments that makes the details of your wedding day distinct, and look to capture it in an artistic way so you will be able to look back on your images and remember what actually happened on your wedding day.